What is Print Management?

As the owner of a business, be it big or small, you should always explore all avenues that can help save your business time and money. Have you ever thought about the annual expenditure you are incurring because of refills, be it ink or toner, required for your printers? Are you aware the massive sum you are shelling out to companies on annual maintenance contract to repair the printers of your office whenever they fail to function? You also have to take into account the costs incurred in purchasing several inkjet and laser printers for your organization. You can easily save these expenditures with the help of professional print management companies. No doubt, you can save money by saving your documents on a flash drive and getting them printed at any local print store. However, this proves to be quite costly in the long run, and also wastes time and efficiency of your business as you have to send one of your staff to visit the printing company to get your documents printed. You can slash your printing bills drastically and reduce money spent in purchasing new printers, recruiting staff to manage them, plus add the costs involved in getting the recruit trained to be able to handle the printer professionally.

More information on print management

Only one printer

You can easily save money by purchasing a single heavy duty printer and use print management software to link all the computers in your office's network so that all of them can access the printer. Take this opportunity to understand about the printing process. Once you select a file (it may be a document or an image) and click on the "print" icon on your computer, your computer sends the file to the printer, which stores the file in its buffer, freeing up the memory of your computer so that you can start doing other jobs. The printer completes the job, flushes its buffer, and waits for the next print order. The problem starts when numerous people using your computer network start issuing the "print" command at the same time. In such a scenario, the buffer of the printer quickly fills up, and it stops receiving printing requests from other printers until it completes printing the data in its buffer and is ready to accept new print requests.

Software advantage

The print management software takes care of and addresses all these problems. Typically installed on the server computer, it stores the incoming data from other computers on the network, and passes them on to the printer. Apart from this, the printer management software also allows different users to change their printer as per their requirement. This means that one person can allot one draft printing job to a dot matrix printer and immediately after pass the next printing job to an inkjet or laser printer. The biggest advantage is that you only need to install three printers in your office: dot matrix, inkjet, and laser. The print management software allows people using computers connected to the network to select the printer they need for a specific job, configure it (for different page sizes, landscape or portrait mode, etc.), and click on the "print" button.

As a service

You can also hire the services of specialized printing companies, connect to their printer via the internet, and complete your printing processes through their printers. This saves you money required to purchase printers.